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Who Are We?

Louishop.com is a wholesale website for international buyers who need to purchase good quality China product or need professional Chinese agency service. Louishop.com website belongs to Hong Kong Brotech Trading Limitd. Hong Kong Brotech Trading Limited Company was found in 2013.

We have 11 employees, around 1500 different products. We provide not only product, but also help our customers to search or develop products, we can even help you to create your own products. We follow-up production, we test your products strictly as you ordered, we send your products by express delivery or shipping as you specified.

We could even help you to arrange your business trip to China, to introduce this amazing electronic city to you. You will be warmly welcomed not only as business opportunities, also as friends.

We have been cooperating with many European companies since 2013. We built very strong partnership and friendship with them during cooperation period. They taught us so much about quality and service, they let us became different with other Chinese suppliers who just care about MONEY.

As a responsible supplier, our price maybe is not cheapest you can find. But we can promise its most reasonable and cost-effective. We just add stable margin percent on purchase price, it depends on the difficulty of testing and packaging. We highly commend our customers don’t lower quality standard for low price, because this is terrible idea for your business. You may get more customers because of the low price, but it could be just one time business. If customers leave you because of price, they may come back in the future; but if they leave you because of quality, they will never give your one more chance.

We can accept different quality standards, but it must be higher than our current quality standard. We can’t tell that our quality is the best in china market, but all products you can buy on loiushop.com have been tested strictly, their quality will be same with medium Europe quality standard.

China is a quite big country. It’s the center of trading business in the world undisputed. It’s complicated and unpredictable as well. We have no factories in China. But we have stable and responsible factory partners from different industries.

With Louishop.com, get more than you expected!
Enjoy your purchase time.

——————SOMETHING TRUE———————
We are not going to tell you have you that we have 8-15 years history to do this business although many people in same trade always say bullshits. We will not show you a fake office when you are going to visit us someday, although I can pay 50 USD to an agency company for a very nice office to show our customers.

As the founder of Loiushop.com, I have to write something about myself. I used to be a software engineer during 2010-2013. That experience makes me understand how important to be honest, strict and serious, whatever for an application, a product or collaboration. Once I decide to do something, I do my best.

Louishop.com believe: Money is the gift of business, its not supposes to be ultimate goal of business. As a supplier or agency, we hope to grow up with our customers. You get expected products and services from us, we get your trusts and orders. This is excellent cooperation for both of us.

Different with most Chinese suppliers, we never join price competition. Because our target customers are smart and responsible, they hate to be involved by complains and quality issues. Usually, same product has different molds from different factories. They can also use different materials to produce. So the price will be huge different for those products have appearance, like 2 USD – 8 USD.

So if you are looking something f**king cheap AND you don’t care about quality, I am sorry to tell you that you probably will not can’t find anything here.