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Why Choose Us?

Have you ever disappointed at your irresponsible suppliers?
Have you ever got mod because of low quality standard of your suppliers?
Have you ever went back your promises because your suppliers?
Have your ever felt hard to communicate with your suppliers?
Have you ever had terrible shopping experiences with Chinese suppliers?
NOW, all those were gone. It’s time to turn a new page for your comfortable and enjoyable purchase with us!

We have been working stable with companies from USA, Europe, Australia and Canada more than 3 years, we know what you and your customers expect, what you detest. So for responsibility, we are on the same side.

Quality is the most important thing we care, because we know that our products are for western people. We hate return issues as much as you. So we have high level QC concept to make sure you always receive products of quality.

We comminute as detailed as possible with you before place order to avoid any misunderstandings. It’s impossible to say we never delay delivering, but we do our best to avoid delays. You will be informed for every step of the order.

Yes as we promised, we are offering Chinese price with Europe/USA quality and service on Louishop.com!

With Louishop.com, say bye to all troubles!
With Louishop.com, enjoy the fun of business!
With Louishop.com, success is not too far away!